Rio Caliente Hot Springs Hotel

relaxing at rio caliente
Hot Geothermal Mineral Pools contain natural lithium. They feel good and they’re healing.

Rio Caliente Hot Springs Hotel is for sale. Retreat-Topia is seeking silent investors to participate in the resurrection of this landmark property.

Highly successful 30 +/- years. Thousands of repeat clientele on EMail Mailing List

Rio Caliente is a unique natural hot springs hotel, spa and retreat, only 45 minutes from Guadalajara, Mexico. Nestled on the slopes of an ancient volcanic valley and surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountainous Primavera forest, Rio Caliente is an ideally secluded location for a restful, relaxing, rejuvenating spa vacation.

The waters of the Rio Caliente rise at temperatures as high as 157 degrees F. from an underground volcanic lake. The water is highly alkalizing. Restaurant, relax areas: sauna, jacuzzi, rooms for massages and bodywork, facials, group exercise, yoga, meditation, therapy etc. There are two lap pools, filled from the hot springs, all of these in a 10 hectare area surrounded by forest. The asking price includes the infrastructure of the business, organization, and the possibility of maintaining present employees with experience of the business as well as 8,000 email client portfolio.

Accomodations fireplace Accomodations Room Accomodations 4

The cozy, comfy accommodations
feature 52 rooms which sleep about 70 people. (3 triples, 25 doubles and 22 singles; and four villas of two rooms for 4 people each). 
24+ Acres  of unique terrain within the State Forest of La Primavera, with grandfathered rights to operate the Eco-tourist resort hotel. There is acreage for expansion; and permits in place for 16 additional cottages (must be updated by new owner).

*Rio Caliente Hot Springs Hotel features the following assets:

  1. Cobbled lanes, Parking, Electrical System (inc. automatic generator)  Lighting, Wells, Pumps, Water Deposits, Piping, etc.
  2.  Bedrooms, Cabins, Offices, Storage rooms, Pools – all constructions of different ages and values but offering a total of 52,000+ sq. ft. of construction.
  3.  Furnishings for 60 Bedrooms – beds, linens, desks, lamps, chairs, curtains, plus 7 Sitting Rooms with sofas, chairs, tables etc.
  4.  Bakery:  Industrial oven, Freezer & Refrigerators
  5.  Kitchen & Storage rooms:  Stoves, 6 Refrigerators, Cooking equipment.
  6.  Dining Room:  Tables & Chairs, Cutlery and Plates for 65-70 guests.   Decorative items.
  7.  Public Room (La Palapa) with Chairs, TV, Computer, Movie Player.
  8.  Offices:  6 computers, furniture, cabinets, etc.
  9.  Motor Vehicles:  Trucks, Suburban, Astros, Econoline.
  10.  Stock:  Kitchen, Furnishings, Lighting, etc.
  11.  Tools for Maintenance, Mechanical (vehicles) Carpentry, etc.
  12.  Publicity & Sales materials:  Website, Photo Albums, Reputation & Identity, inc. 8,300 actual and potential Guests.
  13.  Public lounge chairs at Patio and Pools.
  14.  Bio-Resonance equipment (

*Much of the above is in need of updating. What has been maintained are the hotel rooms, meeting room, dining room, and grounds.

During Rio Caliente Hot Springs closure since 2011, the owners have maintained a skeleton staff, of between 20-30 employees, including maintenance men, security guards and groundsmen, who know how to do just about everything – including wáter pumping, electricity, etc. During closure, owners have been busy painting all the rooms, fixing all the roofs, renewing old wáter piping, etc. Fixed expenses during closure with skeleton staff, about $22,000 US per month.

Asking Price:
$4,000,000 negotiable including land and chattel, as well as improvements. In addition to the hotel rooms, there are also 3 houses on the property, currently occupied by owner, manager, and staff. There’s a Yoga Room, meeting room, and offices.

Property information

Real Property Included

Located within the famously beautiful and serene, Primavera Forest.

52,000+ sq. ft. of construction, 24 acres of property
Turn-key operation. New Owners able to resume business on Day 1 with 8,500 person past client list.

Business Operation

Expansion Potential:
Plans exist for additional 16 guest casitas to be built
Competition / Market:
No further resorts or eco-tourist hotels can be built in the area. Long established worldwide reputation as a beloved vegetarian retreat.
Reasons for selling:
Owner retired.