HEAT Retreats

H.E.A.T Retreats – Our Next Retreat: Sunday, June 25 – Sunday, July 2nd, 2017
To register: (323) 684-1899

High Energy Alternative Therapy Retreats are a key component to Retreat-Topia’s vision of creating harmonious, healing, peaceful and tranquil environments that allow the Woman Dancing at Rio Calientebody to detoxify and heal itself in a natural and nurturing manner.

Restorative Meditative Yoga, Deep Emotional Release Bodywork, BioResonance Therapy, Shamanic Breathwork, Self-Healing Qigong, Energy Healing, Meditation, Massage, and healing, transformative classes and workshops will be consistently offered; along with an ongoing list of teachers, healers, writers, artists, herbalists, farmers, researchers, musicians and scientists. It is meant to be a place of inner exploration, if that is what is desired, or simple rest and relaxation; to connect with your intuition and inner knowing; to give the body what it needs and wants.

Swimming in the hot geothermal mineral pools at Rio Caliente, hiking or Hiking Rio Calientebiking in the beautiful Primavera Forest, visiting nearby ancient Mayan pyramids, or enjoying the internationally famous city of Guadalajara, just 45 miles away, are just a few of the many options for healing, diversion and relaxation available at Rio Caliente, the site of Retreat-Topia’s first property.

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