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Spa Packages & Rates

There were two ways to experience Rio Caliente. Packages include selected treatments and are so affordable that guests could indulge in extra treatments without feeling guilty. Nightly Rates included access to the amenities, for guests who want to choose their treatments and meals a la carte.

Vacation Packages included accommodations, buffet-style vegetarian meals, yoga, water exercise classes, guided hikes, mineral hot pools, steam room, evening programs and selected treatments; all of which our Retreat-Topia staff will also be ready to offer on Day 1.
Spa Vacation
1 Mudwrap
2 Massages/Facials
Spa Vacation
1 Mudwrap
2 Treatments/Facials
1 Day Trip
Spa Vacation
1 Mudwrap
2 Facials
1 Manicure/Pedicure
2 Other Treatments
Spa Vacation
2 Mudwraps
4 Treatments
1 Day Trip


Nightly Rates included accommodations, buffet-style vegetarian meals, yoga and water exercise classes, guided hikes, mineral hot pools, steam room, and evening programs. Therapeutic spa services could be added at very reasonable rates. All of these services would be available at Rio Caliente, as soon as we open the doors, and represent profit centers. By including some buffet meals and services in the package; Rio Caliente was able to offer a great package at a great price, while still earning a profit.

$165 $135/person $120/person See descriptions and rates for Massage or Facials

Wellness Tourism

Wellness Tourism

$500 Billion Travel Industry

Travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, as stated on the 2014 Global Spa and Wellness Economy Monitor.

The report notes that wellness tourism grew by 12.7 percent in 2013, surpassing 2012’s growth rate of 9 percent.

Overall, wellness tourism expenditures reached $494 billion in 2013. That surpasses the preventative and personalized health market ($432.7 billion) and draws close to the healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss market ($574.2 billion).

A New Concept

The new “Wellness” concept engages the traveler’s mind, body, emotions, and spirit in a holistic way,  in order to achieve mental restoration and physical balance.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats are cropping up around the globe to teach us to stay present, focusing on the here and now of every movement and breath. At Rio Caliente, our resident Yoga Teacher, Dave Jeffers, combines meditation with gentle Yoga, giving students the opportunity to connect with Inner Silence, and the healing and creative wisdom that is there.

Hiking, Biking and Getting Back to Nature

Around the globe, destinations are beginning to fully leverage their landscapes for outdoor adventure and fitness. It’s in response to a growing segment of travelers who want to combat stress, improve fitness, and lose weight outdoors by pushing themselves to the extreme. Rio Caliente is literally surrounded by miles of hiking and biking trails that lead to waterfalls, hot springs, and beautiful rock formations. It is an amazingly beautiful destination for activity travel.

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Meditation, Personal, Spiritual Growth Retreats

Instead of blasting through a checklist of must-see tourist sites, an increasing number of travelers are opting to spend vacation time in meditation or personal growth. These spiritual seekers are finding healing and purpose in meditative retreats, or through dance, art or connecting with higher consciousness through shamanism and individual self-expression.

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Hot Springs And Thermal Baths

Bathing in hot springs, the world’s oldest spa experience, is one trend that never goes out of style and has been gaining popularity in recent years.

hotel pools

Soaking in lithium based volcanic mineral water lends numerous health benefits and the experience of natural hot springs is the trend

Cleansing And Detox Retreats

At several detox retreats around the world, specialists customize a safe cleanse for the traveler’s specific needs and body type.

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Weight-Loss Resorts

When you book a weight-loss resort trip, you immerse yourself in a program with fitness, nutrition, education, relaxation, and camaraderie that will help you to improve your health in a pleasant environment.

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