Bioresonance Electro-Magnetic Healing with Frequencies

Leading research indicates that cellular communication is a key factor influencing the condition of health in the body. Recent finding in biophysics have demonstrated that cells respond significantly to electromagnetic signals.

The BICOM OPTIMA is a bio resonance device which includes special diagnostic and treatment procedures that detect and work with the electromagnetic frequency information generated by the body at a cellular level.

The BICOM OPTIMA processes the body’s electromagnetic frequency information and incorporates it into a frequency pattern that is delivered back into the body. This frequency pattern customized by the BICOM activates the body’s natural healing and defense mechanisms while disrupting processes that are harmful or damaging to the body.bicom-2000

The BICOM OPTIMA is part of a holistic system that not only treats symptoms, but also identifies and treats the often concealed underlying causes of disorders – such as allergens, toxins, and environmental stressors.

The BICOM OPTIMA can also be used to prevent illness by identifying weaknesses and treating these underlying factors prior to the onset of symptoms and disease by strengthening the body’s own defense mechanism.

Martin Keymer, a Naturopath and pioneer of Bioresonance protocols,  had an insight about the nature of tumor cells. Seeing them not as “enemies” to aggressively kill, but, as normal cells that were weakened and malfunctioning, Keymer devised a therapy protocol that re-energizes the tumor cell in order to reactivate the natural function of the suppressed P53 gene. With the P53 gene function  re-energized, the tumor cells experience apoptosis, naturally dying on their own.

Professionally trained Bioresonance Therapist Diarmuid Milligan has been a Bioresonance therapist for over 14 years and offers Bioresonance treatments in-house at Rio Caliente. Bioresonance repatterning is an effective means to both identify the cause of illness, and treat it.